Before Age 18 Bucketlist

So, I’m turning 18 in January and I figured that as long as I wait for that, I should make a bucketlist of things I wanna accomplish before that. So here I’ve written down a few things that I wanna do before I turn 18, or in other words Before Age 18 Bucketlist (If it wasn’t a thing before, it is now).

1, Start an exercise routine. I’ve had one before but it’s like an on/off kind of thing but I need to step it up and make it work.

2. Start doing my laundry. Seriously, this needs to be done. I don’t even know how those things work.

3. Clean up my social media precence. For the future for job-searches and stuff.

4. Make a playlist of songs I’ve played the most. This might be a long list….*phew* Music addict much?

5. Try a vegetarian diet for a week. Because I’m seriously considering becoming one. Don’t judge. It’s my decision.

6. Nurture my social skills. In this section I have done quite much progress. But I’m still pretty shy so it still needs a bit of work.

7. Get a tablet.

8. Go electronics free for 24 hours.


Hello world!

Hi. Hey. Yeah, it’s me. Once again starting a blog. I must’ve had millions by now. But yes, I am back with a new one again. Mainly because I miss blogging in english even if I’ve started a smaller blog because it’s in swedish. Either way, let’s get started.

So why did I delete my previous blogs you ask? Simple. I had a lot of stuff going on with my personal life and my passion for writing disappeared completely. But I think I’m somehow over the past and the people who were obviously bad for me, so now I am on the real ‘Journey To Be Normal’ (awkward joke about my previous blog nobody probably will get) and hopefully not be so weird. Or the opposite. Main thing is, whatever happens, happens.

So autumn is finally here. My favorite season of the year. Perfect time for tea and fuzzy socks. And also another good snack that is cinnamon applebites.

Thats all for today. I will see you later 🙂