Not so casual Friday

Hello friends.

So I’m not having the best day. I have almost lost my voice, I have a 37,6°c fever and I can’t do nothing else than just lie here cause the room is spinning.
But I can watch the 4th season of Weeds on a flatscreen which is pretty okay. If I am to say something else than complain in this post, haha.

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Signs You Might Be Obsessed With A TV Show

So hello friends.

Everybody’s addicted to something. That’s my conclution. And my addictions at the moment are music, caffeine and tv-series. And I have been bingewatching a tv show called Weeds over the internet these last days and just today I found a DVD box set of it in the store (seasons 1-6) for 29,95€ – and I couldn’t pass it up. I just love the TV show too much. But luckily I found out that youtuber Jenna Marbles has the same problem as me. So thanks Jenna, that I don’t have to feel so weird about myself 🙂


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Sunday family dinner

Hello friends.

It is Sunday. The sometimes cozy do-nothing-day and sometimes the day I hate the most. Today it was kind of okay.

Became quite bored eventually so I decided to cook for the family. Made a fresh green salad for a starter and some homemade pizza buns/rolls/thingies, whatever you call them – they are delicious no matter what.

Hope you had/have a wonderful Sunday.

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