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Hello world. What a beautifully, boring, slushy, grey-weather day it is. Yeah, I’m staying in today.. Yay, my interesting life.

So I haven’t been very productive today. Or wait, yes I have. I went grocery shopping with my parents car and I can almost bet 100 of which ever currency in the world that that car hates me. Cause there has not been one time so far that it hasn’t stopped randomly when I’ve driven it. But since I got my 7 internship weeks coming up next month and my own car is going on repair during some of those weeks, I’m gonna have to drive it to work – I hope that we can somehow become friends during that period of time.

Speaking of period. I’m not embarrassed to say that it is fucking bothering me right now and how much I wish I could just turn into a guy for a few days once a month. I hope someone’s with me on that one. And for those of you who think that’s gross – grow up. It’s a natural thing, okay. It’s simple biology. And it happens wherther you like it or not so I should have atleast a little time to complain about it, haha.

In other words, I’m just sitting here chowing down this delicacy right now. Can’t promise it’ll last that long though..


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Whoah. Calm down, Directioners. I’m sure it’s all gonna be okay

Hello world.

So I know I might be a bit behind on this because I’m not really a One Direction-fan, so I haven’t really been following the news about them but I couldn’t avoid the explosion over the internet about Zayn Malik leaving the band. And I just saw this summaryof pictures of the fangirls grieving all over Twitter about this here. It’s way over my head how someone can make their lives revolve around a band this much. I don’t know, maybe I am quite fallen behind on pop-culture news.

But I mean, come on, girls. You’re gonna be okay. Take a deep breath. Drink some water. Calm down. It’s gonna be fine. Your lives are not over.


Unfortunate Wednesday

Hello world.
Here goes anorher boring update on my life.

I went home today because I’ve got an eye-infection. Yay, superfun stuff.. No, I wont post a selfie of it, because before you know it, it’s contageous through the internet and I dont want people suing me for that. Who knows, the internet is a weird place.

But I hope you’ve had/ you’re having a better day than me 🙂

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Small roadtrips makes all the difference

Hello friends.

I went over to the Swedish border to Haparanda today. And no, I did not go to Ikea this time, like most finns do.
Started at 7:45 this morning and arrived there at 13:15 (1:15 p.m Swedish time). Was over a 300 km drive and now the same amount on the way home.
I like how up in Haparanda and Tornio, people do not care wherther you are Finnish or Swedish. Other people could take after them.

Visited the massive candystore called Candy World as usual and got some sweet and salty treats. Must admit I got pretty confused because theres like a thousand things to choose from – and you can’t get everything :p
Also found a new thermo coffee mug I’ve been looking for a while now.
Strolled around in a few other stores and lastly stopped by at what is my personal favorite swedish fastfood restaurant Max. And now I’m back on the finnish roads again towards home. Its been a good day 🙂

(Also didn’t get that good pictures since I was constantly on the move so sorry about that)




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A roadtrip to the neighbor

Hello friends.

Well, Friday it is. Passed all my tests, feeling kindof free, beautiful weather and taking a mini-trip up north to the border to Sweden. I’m looking forward to it. Even though it’s only during the day it’s always better than just sitting at home doing nothing. I hope the weather remains as good as it has been lately. That would make it even better.

My family and I have spent a lot of summers in Sweden, last year I didn’t go so it’s gonna be fun to be there again. Here are some old photos from previous trips.

Kuva 075 Kuva 121 Flags(2) Kuva 150 Rajalla - På Gränsen See ya, Finland! Kuva 039


Study material

Hello friends.

I have been a bit boring lately. My life has had lack of interest this past week. And to top all of that off, I found out today that I will have 4 tests in a row for the rest of the week – all separate days. So I have quite a lot of studying to do ahead of me. Damn, it feels like they shoved all the tests into the final full week in school before the new schedules period starts, on purpose.

”Rebecka, get off the internet and start studying!”

Yeah you’re probably right. I’ll just take my green tea and mathnotes and move over to the real world *sigh*

20150310_152142 Snapchat-999652970217558513