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First World Problems

Hello world.

Yesterday, was not quite my day. Day starts off with me dropping a glass jar, breaking into a million pieces (which was super fun to clean up….), car just stopping randomly and to crown the day of bad luck – my phone falls screen first to the floor and fucking shatters! I was SO frustrated and it annoyed me even more how much a first world problem bothered me so much. Now I have never shattered a phonescreen before and always wondered how it’s possible – well now it happened so jokes on me. Luckily it still works though.

”Rebecka, are you actually complaining about a shattered phonescreen on your blog?”

Yes brain, yes I am…

2015-04-28 19.28.03

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Not so manic monday

Hello world.

Mondays are usually the worst and nothing goes right. Although today was quite okay. And time flew by insanely fast at work, even though I dealt with this annoying cold every 5-10 minutes. Tomorrow is my day off and I don’t really have anything planned. If the weather is nice, maybe I’ll go somewhere but else I don’t have any bigger plans – which usually means the majority of my time is spent on the internet, listening to music and drinking coffee. Ah, teenage life.

No but really. I have a walking route planned for tomorrow and just relax because I feel like there has been a lot of stress going on lately so I just need some time to take it easy. So that’s my goal for tomorrow.

Also want to share these pictures I took by the lake today. Enjoy 🙂



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Spontaneous summer

Hello world.

I don’t even know what this post is gonna be so be prepared for some random wondering and thinking leaked out on the internet that doesn’t make sense. You have been warned :p

It is currently 14:52 and I… have done nothing today so far but cleaned my room because I feel clogged up. Yes, I am once again sick and I blow my nose every 5 minutes. I’m basically bathing in tissuepaper and the nasal spray is here to comfort me and to give be the ability to breathe again. Gotta look for small positivities in every day, haha 🙂

Tomorrow is the birthday celebration of my youngest brother’s 12th birthday and a bunch of relatives are coming over. But unfortunately I wont be joining that because I have work. But its okay, no worries about that. The one thing I am worried about though is if there’s gonna be any cake left or not when I come home, haha.

I also have been thinking a lot about summer and what the hell I am gonna do during it because nothing’s clear. Am I gonna work, study, travel, chill, game, build sandcastles, shop, swim, pick flowers or what? There are SO many options, I have nothing planned and summer break is just a month away. But I guess I don’t need to have plans. Maybe just go with the flow and be spontaneous. All I’m hoping is that I can take many pictures and get memories. That’s all I’m asking for, summer. Please be good to me.

Although now I just remembered, I’ve been planning to get a small anchor tattoo on my wrist during summer so we’ll see if I can fufill that ❤ (Like the picture below, something-ish)


Okay, I’m gonna go clean all up all these snotty tissue papers now so I can make room for new ones, haha. (OMG, I’m so gross, hahaha) Have a good day, everyone!

DSC02848(How do I selfie?)

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I’ve lost count of the days..

Hello world. Happy wednesday.

Here comes a boring summary of the day.

Today has been quite a day even though it was my one off work (as is tomorrow). I’ve driven from home to Kokkola, dropped mom off for a doctors appointment and to do some grocery shopping while I myself had to do some errands at school so I drove like 30 km further to Pietarsaari, took care of my business. Then it got really warm earlier so I thought *F*ck it, I’m getting myself a frappe from McDonalds” so I did and can I just say – as someone who’s tried it the first time – that was some tasty stuff. Think I’ve found my soulmate in a drink, haha. After that, it was time to return to Kokkola to pick mom up after which we got lunch. It may not sound like much but it was quality time and that’s worth gold. At least to me.

I also have a new toy. I went and got myself a Bluetooth-speaker mainly because I hardly use my radio anymore and since all my music is on my phone so I thought why not and it’s just so easy. You just put your Bluetooth on on your phone, turn the speaker on and youre good to go. God, I love technology 😀


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Day 6 & 7 – Less hate would make the world a better place

Hello world.

I have been working my butt off these past days to make the best impression I can, cause that’s what I want to do on every internship I’ve had so far. To show what I can do. And I really believe I’ve given it my all lately and I’m gonna continue doing so these following six weeks to come.

The weather has turned so much better, compared to the rest of the week, and we even had a cloud-free sky today with a lot of sun and the evening weather was so beautiful. Maybe we’ll get summer up here in the north afterall.

Tomorrow, Sunday, I have a day off. It’s also election for parliament and it’s my first time voting. I had so many flyers about it coming in the mail 2 weeks beforehand just because I vote for the first time this year and I found it quite funny since I still feel like I’m not mature enough yet, like I am still 5 years old when it comes to this. But nope, legally considered an adult since January so it’s voting time for me. Many people have also asked me what my political views are and it’s quite much like how my religious beliefs are. I am an atheist. And I like to stay out of religious conversations because I don’t like arguing. But I respect other people’s religions as long as they respect mine. And in the political world, I guess I can kind of say the same thing. Except that if you support hate or discrimination, you have lost my respect. Because there’s enough hate in the world so no more is needed. Ugh… I really don’t like to bring up politics on my blog.. Sorry about that.

Tomorrow is also a cousins 12th birthday celebration which I most likely will attend. The reason I am quite unsure is because I feel slightly tired from work so it depends on how I’m feeling but since it’s family, I probably will be going.

Okay, maybe I should listen to mom now and go sleep, haha. Take care! 🙂

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Day 4 & 5 – My totally interesting lifeupdate

Hi world.

I haven’t died, I’m just exhausted and haven’t had time to blog because of my internship and such. I just don’t have the inspiration when I get home but in the end, I’ll get a guilty consience and I just write whatever crap comes to mind and post it on the internet. Smart choices :p

The weather still can’t make up its mind it seems as it had snowed overnight yesterday. Come on… Its in the middle of April..


It is currently 6:57 in the morning, I’ve been awake since 5 and I don’t really know why. Guess that means I better try to sleep a little longer till I’ll put the coffeemachine to work.
I have a later shift today so maybe I’ll make time for a morning walk aswell.

So thats about as ‘interesting’ as my life is right now.

Take care ❤

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Day 2 & 3 – Detox

Hello world.

On Sunday I set up a little challenge for myself and decided to start my exercise routine properly again. But since yesterday was my first day at my internship and I did a lot of standing an walking there (plus the finnish weather pulled one of its worse moves yesterday), I never officially really went on any walks or anything because of work and the slush that was pouring down all day. But today I’ll get right back on it and also havng some delicious lemon water for a starter.

DSC02836Have a good day 🙂