Hello world.

Hope you are doing good.

I’m headed off to a funeral tomorrow so I’m feeling a bit anxious since I do not handle them too well. Yes I know that I’m 18 and I should ‘get over myself’ but everyone has a hard time with something and this happens to be hard for me. Mainly because of past experience. So I’m just venting a little on here as it is my blog so I do believe I have right to.
And some might see it as a bad thing that I’m talking about a funeral on my blog but I haven’t given out any detail about it and I’m also not going to. I am just opening up about something that puts me on edge a little bit, that’s all.

Now that that topic is laid out on the table and the discussion is done, I must say I have actually had a really good week in general. I’ve seen friends, laughed, had a good time, been confident and been social. Something my old, highly socially anxious, clinically depressed self (yes, that lasted for 5 years) could only dream of. My point is that I’ve made it surprisingly far on my recovery even though I still have quite a bit to still work on.

Alright I’m gonna go catch some sleep. Have a good day/night!


I’m a mess

Hello world.

I stayed in my dorm room today. In my cozy white over-sized shirt, my retainer still in while listening to Spotify and no – I’m not skipping school. I just had a really bad night and knew I wasn’t gonna be so alert at school today so I stayed here. My eyes are swollen and have these very ‘charming’ dark circles around them and they hurt to the point that it’s giving me headaches. Been trying to get back to sleep but so far it hasn’t worked. I’m such a mess today. But it’s alright. I can’t be on my best all the time. And today is one of those days when I’m not. I feel like I’m embracing my inner ragdoll because I’m so tired and unmotivated. I’ll be back to myself, just not today.

Alright, that’s all I have for this morning. Have a good day! 🙂



Monday, we meet again

Hello world.

Coming to you from a currently very unmotivated student.

It is Monday, the worlds shortest horror story. But it’s okay because it’s almost over.

Today was really tough to get up in the morning. Must have pressed snooze 4 times at least. I felt like a cranky 3 year old.

School was alright though. Began at 8:15, survived all the classes with a very must have coffee in between on recess. After school I went to get ice tea with a friend because the weather was really nice and we felt like we deserved it after a day that felt really heavy. Had a really great time and hang out with her until it was time for dinner, which was when we decided to have pizza. Nom.

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After that I’ve just been chilling and doing nothing basically. Gonna go take a shower quite soon and have some well earned rest.

Alright, that’s all I have for today. Hope you’ve had a good day!

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3 Ingredient Breakfast Smoothie

Hello world and good morning.

It’s Saturday and I just threw together a refreshing smoothie by blending
-chopped up banana
-natural yoghurt
The amount of each ingredient is entirely up to oneself, which makes it even easier to make because you can always add more of a certain ingredient so it’ll turn out just how you want it.

Have a good day 🙂




Slow start

Hello world.

First proper week of school, at mid week, still feeling a bit eh. Would rather have 2 more weeks off. I still don’t feel ready even though I’ve miraculously survived the past two days somehow.

Hopefully someone else out there is feeling the same way.

But I have plans to go home to see my parents a while and sunbaith there cause for once we have fantastic weather for once here. I may even stay the night and drive to school in the morning.

Alright, I hope you all have a great day 🙂