1st of March

Hello world and happy Tuesday

Wow, yet another month has passed and now we’re already in the 3rd one. It scares me at times how fast it goes and that spring is almost here.

So much will happen this spring too. Myself, and 3 of my cousins will graduate, birthdays, work, I’ll go apartment-hunting for autumn and a whole bunch of other stuff, that I hope I’ll stay on track with it all.

On the to do-list today is to clean out my closet cause I’ll be switching room soon. I know I’ve got one side packed with stuff I never really use so I figured those will probably have a better cause at good will. Better take Before and After-shots too just to see if anything changed. I might as well clean the rest of my room too since I’ve been avoiding that too long now as well. Being off for this long has slowed my productivity down slightly so it wont hurt to get something done.

Have a good day 🙂