Safe To Say That Summer Arrived To Finland


Hello world

I had a day off so we went to Kokkola today to get everything for a graduation party we’re having on Friday. Sparkling wine, cakedecorations, snacks etc. so I think we’re all set now. I dont feel nervous about it right now because there’s still a lot to do, but I guess it will come along further into the week. That’s usually how it goes.

It was also over +20C today. Which is a bit unusual thing in May already but I don’t think anybody here complains about that after that -30 degree winter we had.





Have a good day 🙂

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Cycling Season

Hello world

Things have been quiet over here again but I’m here in an attempt to break the silence at least a little

Today I had a day off, after a streak of work. We had beautiful weather and I took the opportunity to begin my cycling season. I just made it sound like I’m some kind of active person when it comes to cycling, which I’m not but I wish I was though. So if Finland manages to get a good summer this year, I’d like to focus on cycling a bit more whenever I have the chance.




I stop by a lot by this bridge. Especially now during spring/summer time. It’s a great place to just enjoy the view and gather your thoughts. If I have to choose, this would be my happy place.

And that would be all I have for today. My blog has been having a bit of a drought lately and have only been dropping some very spontaneous posts on here. But I guess that’s alright too as my main focus is to write about my ”super interesting” life on here.

I think it would be a good time for sleep now as tomorrow begins my very last week of work experience and after that, there’s just graduation left. It’s a bit scary how close it actually is.

Have a good day!

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Handwritten Notes

Hello world

I am currently sitting here writing a note, or more of a letter, for a very special person. Everything nowadays is too electronic for me so a heartfelt, handwritten note feels more original and personal once in a while.

Of course, sometimes all the thoughts and feelings aren’t possible to fit on a paper, cause it would  make a million pages. Its funny how a person can mean so much and have such and impact on you that you are willing to do anything to show that they mean just as much to you back.

And if you ask me, a handwritten note seems like a pretty good way to go.


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I’m SUCH a grown-up.

Hello world

The title is a joke, by the way. Everyone says that I am on the way into adult-life, and every time I hear that, I just laugh. The word grown-up and me can’t be in the same sentence. It doesn’t go together. I’m guessing this is some sort of denial that I’ll be 20 soon, haha.

Although, if you count the fact that I printed out my first email today and cleared my inbox of almost 800 unread messages, then in that case you can say that I am quite adult-ish. I bet that you’re rolling your eyes at me while reading this right now because yes, I know how ridiculous it sounds, haha. But what is life if I don’t make jokes on my own behalf, huh? 🙂

But in all seriousness, I actually like the fact that my calendar is gonna be quite booked this month, cause even if I like to occasionally lie home doing nothing (cause come on, who doesn’t?) – I am still excited that I get to do other things too.


Alright, that’s all I have for today. Have a good day!


Working Like A Horse

Hello world

Virtual tumbleweed has rolled by here again lately, cause life has got in the way. I have been working nonstop lately on my workexperience and tomorrow a mothersday-shift at my workplace. After that, two days off. I am SO fucking ready for that. Just need to push through tomorrow.

As a huge Eurovision-fan, I am also very excited for the 1st semi-final on Tuesday. Can’t wait!

But now would be a good time for sleep. Goodnight world!