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Hello world

I have a very wandering mind. Which means I think a lot – sometimes too much. But I thought I’d share something that I just needed to get out of my system because it was driving me crazy.

The wanderlust I have been feeling lately is insane. I feel so drawn to places I’ve never been.
I have always felt like I was born in the wrong place and lately its become more and more clear. Sure, this will always be where I came from, I wouldn’t change that for the world. But feel like I need to spread the invisible wings on my back now and find something of my own. And that something, obviously isn’t here. I’ve looked patiently but I have my limits. I feel like eventually, I need to leave. People may not understand. They may voice their opinion on how I should stick to what is safe and secure. But nobody can possibly understand it completely if they don’t feel this way. I feel like I am suffocating. I don’t wanna go around in this loop anymore. People are chasing their dreams because they have found their paths in life here easily. But I think its a bit more complicated than that for me for some reason. I haven’t found myself completely yet. I just wanna give myself a chance to do that. The missing pieces are out there somewhere and nothing is really holding me back.
First step is always the hardest one to make.
I just need the kickstart.




Hello world

I’m going on a little mini-holiday tomorrow up north. It’s a much needed break. 

But being the type of girl that hoards everything in her purse, I need to figure out how to pack lightly. I restricted myself to only take one slightly smaller bag so we’ll see how that goes, haha

I don’t know whereabout we will be staying or how long but it doesn’t matter. I’m still looking forward to finally getting away from reality for a while.

That’s all I have today for this little update. Hope you have had a good day 🙂



Hello world

Today the weather has been unusually hot, which is quite unusual for Finland as we thought we’d get endless rain and low temperature but it took a turn. +24C might not be a lot for most people but its a huge deal for us when it just happens out of the blue, as we pretty much get about 2 weeks of basic warm weather a year (except last year, last year was shit) and the rest of it is just cold, rain and about 5 months of dark winter. Which I personally love, call me crazy if you must.

Being the born snowman-type that I am, I didn’t really enjoy myself today. Especially cause I had work so that made it very unpleasant to work during such temperatures. But otherwise the day went by quite well so I’m happy about that. 

Have a good day 🙂