Life At The Moment

Hello blog

Has been a while, again. Mainly cause I dont feel like shitposting about my life here on a daily basis because it would be like the worlds longest novel that doesnt make sense. So a little update here and there doesnt hurt. 

My daily life has consisted battling this god forsaken cold that just wont agree to leave my system, early mornings, procrastination, music, exsistential crisises, coffee and a terrible sleep cycle. Pretty basic. 

Friday is gonna be a bit different though as I’m going on a study visit to a university in Vaasa to look at further education after I finish my current degree in May. Its gonna be interesting. Although I’m slightly anxious about it as I am quite unfamiliar with that city, being the country kid that I am. But I’m sure it’ll be fine. If all else fails I’ve got GPS on my phone. 

Alright, I’m gonna go to sleep so I can somewhat function like a normal human being tomorrow





Sundays used to be my most hated day of the week, but it seems to be turning into one of my favorites now. I even felt productive enough today to re-organize my whole room and I am now more pleased with it than ever.

Grown-up points for that ✔

I am not investing in anything new quite yet cause I dont know how life is gonna look like in a few months but I would like to start to look for my own place. I have not really rushed into that before like most people around me have, because I have not felt the need. But soon enough, who knows.

My blogging has fallen behind a little again because I must admit I havent felt the best about myself and when that happens, my motivation is pretty damn low. But for now, I doing my best to stay positive


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Back To: Before Age 18 Bucketlist

Hi world

I would like to take a look at something I wrote almost 2 years ago.

My Before Age 18 Bucketlist. I turned 20 a few days ago, and I completely forgot that I wrote this list and that I posted it online for that matter. But I did, and its still up there for anyone to see. So let’s go through it and see if I actually managed to complete any of it.

Number one: Start an exercise routine.
Now, in my original post, it said that this is an on/off thing. Which ”surprisingly” enough hasn’t changed. Sometimes I take it really seriously and do it on a daily basis. And then there are times where it can just be put on hold for months and months. No shame though, haha.

Number two: Start doing my laundry.
Alright, I need to confess now. I’m half way to 40 and the washing machine is like alien technology to me. Judge me all you want right now and I wish I was kidding, but I’m not

Number three: Clean up my social media
I can’t remember exactly what I meant with this but apparently I had a lot of old embarrassing Facebook-statuses from when I was 13 and had just started my account. As a matter of fact I did this already about 1,5 years ago and deleted my Facebook completely last year. So I guess that’s over and done with.
Unless I have some embarrassing accounts on some dead social media platform I made in my early teens that I forgot about. Which I probably do..

Number four: Make a playlist of songs I listen to the most.
Haha, I’m pleased that this side of me still hasn’t changed. Still the same music-junkie.

Number five: Try a vegetarian diet for a week.
I actually did this at one point. And I still do for health benefits.
At one point I would like to make it a full-time thing

Number six: Nurture my social skills
It has been a real rollercoaster with this one. But I think I am on a good way now and would like to tell my 17 year old self that better days do come

Number seven: Get a tablet
I did.. and I hate it. Me and tablets are not a thing. Nope.

Number eight: Go electronics free 24 hours
Don’t bother to ask me if this one happened cause it didn’t.. haha

Alright, a very confusing post but I needed a little nostalgia wave for this grey Tuesday



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A New Introduction

Hello world

Long time no see. Wow.. I can’t believe how strange this has become for me, and it seems so difficult to write anything. Almost like I’m a stranger on my own blog. The blog I was supposed to give up, yet here I am.

”Wow, Rebecka. Could you stop being so dramatic???”

Yeah I know, I know. But I hope someone understands my little metaphor there. 

Alright, so let’s start start over.

Hello, it’s me.
I’m Rebecka, a 20 year old girl from Finland who started this blog in late 2014.
(You can read my first post here.)
I recently took a little break because I felt disconnected with the stuff I was writing on here. I suppose I had grown apart from the 17 year old that created this blog and wasn’t really sure how to move on from that mentality.
(so if you scroll down from here and find some cringey stuff, then just remember that was before and this is now, alright? hahah)

I want to start a new chapter on this blog. Only this time as the recently turned 20 year old that I am. I have changed in a lot of ways and I want to bring that up on here as well, and be a lot more open just as I should have been before.

I didn’t make any resolutions for 2017 but I guess it could be to be myself on here more and more active. We’ll see how that goes.

Okay, that’s all the rambling I have for now and hopefully I am able to keep my resolution, because I really miss writing.

Alright, I’m gonna go. Take care!