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Manic Monday

Hello blog

Once again, I should be handed the slowest to update ever-award because I just simply am the worst when it comes to that, haha.

Today is Monday, and also the start of my 12 week work-experience period. After this, I will have completed my second qualification. Which is pretty damn insane cause it feels like I just started.  Hopefully the first day will go well. I hope so especially because this will be at my current workplace so it shouldn’t be going too horribly – I repeat, hopefully. You can never know.

Lately I’ve really come to like having a busy schedule because I appreciate the days off so much more then. In a few days I have three days in a row off so that really motivates me to do my best on the days that I need to. That’s the kind of mindset that I am currently striving for. So we’ll see 🙂

Alright, I better get going.
Have a good Monday!