Mental Illnesses & Things

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I don’t really know what to call this post. Is “thoughts on mental illness” something similar too cliche? We’ll see if that will be the title when I finish writing this.

Let’s try to get to the point that I was actually gonna talk about..

My attitude about myself and my self-image has changed so much from when I was 15-16. I was the most insecure, anxious kid and it didn’t really help that I was unfortunate enough to catch a pretty deep clinical depression and I was tall and awkward.

I still am a lot of these things. What’s changed is that I don’t let these features control me anymore. It took me 5 years but I did it. People think I’m all better now but I don’t think that these kind of things ever really leave a person. You just learn to control it. And yes, much easier said than done.

Anxiety seems to be a really popular subject nowadays for some reason. I’ve dealt with it and can easily tell you that it’s not the most simple of things to have if you actually have it. 

I think most people confuse anxiety with nervousness which are two totally different things. While nervousness is common for happening before some important moment which causes your hands to shake or stuttering only in that moment regardless of the outcome – anxiety on the other hand is like a lifelong enemy trying to, with all of it’s might, make you mentally break down when you least expect it. It can also have you overthinking a situation that’s either about to happen or has happened, to very extreme length. My anxiety still gets the best of me sometimes though and I would get rid of it in an instant if I could.

But what I’ve learned to do over time, and I’m so glad I have, is that I don’t feel the need to adjust myself anymore to please others opinion on me, like I used to be obsessed with. Cause that kind of mentality is exhausting and it usually doesn’t end up good at all. So now at 20 years of age, I’ve finally started thinking that I’m done trying to fit in a mold made by someone else. From now on I’m just myself and it’s a take or leave – situation and it’s quite freeing actually



Terror, Fear and The Goodness In People

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(In this post I pay all the respect to all the families that were affected by the attack)

The news from Tuesday about the Manchester-attack during an Ariana Grande concert really got to me and I spent the majority of the day thinking about it. It got to me especially because there were so many children in the audience. It will never make sense to me how someone can even think the thought of such a grusome attack and put lives at risk of children who will very likely be traumatised by this for the rest of their lives. 

What a sick, twisted fuck you have to be to do that. 

I can’t even imagine how it must feel to have such a tragedy happen in your hometown. It also really warmed my heart to see how the people came together and were so helpful. Taxidrivers, security-staff, ambulances, hotels offering shelter, people opening up their homes. Some who dares claim that they have no faith in humanity after that, just needs to shut it because this was as humble and human as it can get. It is really heartwarming to see that people have such care for others in this world and that they are willing to help.

Once again all the love and respect for the families affected by this horrible act

Take care of yourselves ❤



1 A.M. Reality Check

Hello blog

Been a while again but I’ve needed time to think.. The last post I’ve made was really depressing but I needed to vent.

I’ve gone through a tough time lately. I’ve been overthinking and constantly thought that I need to continue to study. But it has got too much and I have decided to pass. I haven’t been able to focus on anything 100% and all of May has felt like a mess. And stress is the last thing I need right now so I’m giving myself a break and stop worrying. 

So I’m gonna take a year off. Work. Earn my own money, think about what I want to do, travel and just enjoy life for a change and not just forcefully push through.

I’m done feeling anxious and stressed constantly. I feel like this equals being nice to myself which I haven’t been in a while.

But you can always start



A Letter To My Depression

Hello blog

I don’t know how to write about this subject. It’s way too late for me to even be awake right now but I can’t sleep. There’s a million things on my mind and I feel like I’m standing on the edge of a really tall building with heavy bricks on my shoulder.

So I wrote a letter.

Depression, you and me, we go way back. You are like an abusive, love/hate-relationship going round in a circle, that I can’t escape. Yet hardly anyone knows about us. Sometimes I think I am past you, that you are gone forever. But then you show up out of the blue and you infect my mind with your toxic thoughts and you live off of ruthlessly watching me sink in to the ground. 

All I want to know is.. Why? Why do you feel the need to do this? Am I that bad of a person that you let this go on for 6 years? What did I do? How did this happen? I can’t remember..

I have sacrificed a huge chunk of my life for you. I have given up friends, opportunities – you have even tried to take my life. What is it that you could still possibly want? 

If I could get a restraining order against you, I would do it in an instant.

The bravest thing I’ve ever done was to tell someone. To get help. To try to ease the pain you caused me at least a little bit. And it took its time but I managed to get rid of you for a while. 

But someone like you always comes back. You are more manipulative than anything in the world. You make me someone I don’t want to be. And whenever you’re around, I don’t feel like myself. I forget who I am. And in the most cruel way you let me feel happiness for a moment, and then ruthlessly take it away and knock me down again. 

Yet, I am still here. Every rock you throw at me, builds up a shield around me slow and steady. And some day I hope to see you fall. You don’t deserve me. You don’t own me. And I know I can be free some day. 

Til that I am gonna run against the stream. No matter how bruised, scarred or beaten. I can’t let you win and I wont.



I’m Vegetarian?

Hello blog

I’ve worked in the restaurant-business for about 3 years now. I see the same food all day. You can imagine getting bored, right?

And lately, I’ve subconsciously started to prefer vegetarian food. I, personally, just feel so much better from it. And I really love all the spice-combinations you can experiment with and it’s just so much more colourful. 

I am not completely vegetarian but I could easily do it. And I might focus on it completely in the future.

I also love how easy it is. Like this rice & vegetable-concoction I threw together



Hello from Oulu 📍

[Tuesday 9.5]

Hello blog

Haven’t updated in a while. But I’ve had some stuff going on. 

I got on a train today in order to get away from reality, even just for one day. Life has simply got too much so I booked a hotel up in Oulu. And possibly also because nordic hotel breakfasts are the best thing in the world.

Got here at 18.30 and checked in. The room is absolutely gorgeous. 

Then I went out to find some kind of grocery store cause I had not eaten since 1. But the store had a salad bar so it was all good 🙂 
I am not 100% familiar with this city but I’ve managed to find my way around. And for what it’s worth, I already feel way better 



So that happened..

Hello blog

So yesterday was eventful.. to say the least.

The day started off normal, got to work, did the lunch-shift, got out. Went to meet a friend for after work-drinks. We later on decided to go to the neighbour town to meet up with a friend around 9 pm. Everything was fine, got amazing pizza, good times. 

Fast forward to half past midnight, we went out, casually just driving around the town and headed for the Old Harbour. That’s where things got a little downhill as the car got stuck in mud – around 1 in the morning. I think we spent around an hour and a half trying everything we could to get it out but without success. So with our hands, shoes and the car soaked in mud, we decided to call a tow-truck around 3 in the morning. 

Luckily, the car was successfully pulled out and we got our sleepy selves home around 4 am. And if anything, we are one experience richer and can hopefully laugh about it in the future.