1 A.M. Reality Check

Hello blog

Been a while again but I’ve needed time to think.. The last post I’ve made was really depressing but I needed to vent.

I’ve gone through a tough time lately. I’ve been overthinking and constantly thought that I need to continue to study. But it has got too much and I have decided to pass. I haven’t been able to focus on anything 100% and all of May has felt like a mess. And stress is the last thing I need right now so I’m giving myself a break and stop worrying. 

So I’m gonna take a year off. Work. Earn my own money, think about what I want to do, travel and just enjoy life for a change and not just forcefully push through.

I’m done feeling anxious and stressed constantly. I feel like this equals being nice to myself which I haven’t been in a while.

But you can always start



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