Terror, Fear and The Goodness In People

Hello blog

(In this post I pay all the respect to all the families that were affected by the attack)

The news from Tuesday about the Manchester-attack during an Ariana Grande concert really got to me and I spent the majority of the day thinking about it. It got to me especially because there were so many children in the audience. It will never make sense to me how someone can even think the thought of such a grusome attack and put lives at risk of children who will very likely be traumatised by this for the rest of their lives. 

What a sick, twisted fuck you have to be to do that. 

I can’t even imagine how it must feel to have such a tragedy happen in your hometown. It also really warmed my heart to see how the people came together and were so helpful. Taxidrivers, security-staff, ambulances, hotels offering shelter, people opening up their homes. Some who dares claim that they have no faith in humanity after that, just needs to shut it because this was as humble and human as it can get. It is really heartwarming to see that people have such care for others in this world and that they are willing to help.

Once again all the love and respect for the families affected by this horrible act

Take care of yourselves ❤



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